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Product news
12.09.2022  |  1898x
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Particle size analysis at POWTECH 22 - Product launch

Get ready and discover Sympatec’s innovations at POWTECH 2022.

We are pleased to introduce to you

  • NANOPHOX CS, next-generation dynamic light scattering instrument with the novel polarization-separated backscatter PCCS
  • The advanced CUVETTE with stainless steel cuvette SYSIPHUS
  • The new generation of SPRAYER with actuator SMACTOR

NANOPHOX CS | Polarization-separated backscatter PCCS

For many years, NANOPHOX has been providing reliable information on the size distribution and stability of particles in opaque suspensions and emulsions. Now the next, powerful generation is here: the NANOPHOX CS.

The patent-pending polarization-separated backscatter PCCS revolutionises Dynamic Light Scattering and takes conventional PCCS to a new level. At up to one hundred times higher sample concentrations and with up to ten times shorter measuring times, measurement results with the highest accuracy and repeatability are realised. Falsification of results due to sample dilution is excluded.

CUVETTE & SYSIPHUS | Wet dispersion of small quantities

Discover our completely redesigned CUVETTE with stainless steel cuvette SYSIPHUS, which disperses and measures finest particles from 0.1 µm in closed loop operation. In addition to SYSIPHUS with 50 ml, the proven glass cuvettes in 6 ml and 50 ml are available. The base support of the CUVETTE enables the modular mounting of all three cuvette types. The housing design guarantees optimal sample preparation with the integrated ultrasonic finger and ensures laser protection at all times.

SPRAYER & SMACTOR | Droplet Size Analysis

Meet our next generation SPRAYER with force and velocity actuator SMACTOR. The SPRAYER adapter for particle and droplet size analysis of pump dispensing sprays has been developed from the ground up and serves as an adapter for nasal and pharyngeal pump sprays. The smart, software-controlled actuator SMACTOR enables controlled and reproducible triggering profiles with a variety of individually assignable parameters (acceleration, speed, stroke length, force ...). Optionally, SMACTOR with a variable rack is also used independently of the SPRAYER in free experimental set-ups with a variety of different spray applications.

See for yourself at POWTECH 2022

Get an overview of the new features, experience the reliable particle size analysis of your materials in our live demonstrations and put our instruments to test. Booth A4-107 in hall 4A.

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Trade fair Powtech 2022
Take advantage of the overall dynamics offered by POWTECH, the leading exhibition for experts in powder and bulk solids technology. This event provides a presentation platform for innovations and advancements in processes for the manufacture of quality products made and processed from powder, granules, bulk solids and liquids – also for the environmental and recycling sector. Good reasons for visiting 1. 360° View of mechanical Processing Technologies A picture is worth a thousand words. So choose the 360° panoramic view of the entire process chain of processing technologies and discuss the leading-edge developments in analysis, size reduction, screening, mixing, conveying, dosing and compacting with the industry’s top experts. Whether energy efficiency, sustainability, careful handling or process optimization, POWTECH 2022 as the world’s undisputed number one puts the focus on innovations that will change mechanical processing technology. 2. Clear Focus on Powder and Bulk Solids technology As an international exhibition, POWTECH reflects the trends in the industry through its exclusive focus on mechanical processing technologies – for the benefit of exhibitors and visitors. The compact event gives you easy access to the leading suppliers of basic processing technologies for powder and bulk solids, plant engineering and processing components, equipment for measurement, control and automation, products for nanoparticle technology, safety and environmental technology, plus services for mechanical processing technologies. 3. The perfect stage for work, dialogue and new contacts POWTECH is far more than just a trade exhibition. It is a stage for working and discussing and the exchange of ideas between engineers prepares the ground for valuable new contacts and business relationships. But POWTECH is also the perfect stage for newcomers: As in the past years, young innovative companies show their new product and process developments in the "innovation made in Germany pavilion". 4. Inspiration for tomorrow’s Processing Technologies Meetings, deadlines and pressure of costs. Do you often have no scope for creativity during your daily work? POWTECH 2022 is guaranteed to inspire you with its presentation of pioneering innovations. The accompanying programme shows you the latest trends and product developments in the fields of explosion protection, easy-to-clean solutions or cleanrooms. 5. POWTECH – the Industry Barometer Figures are worth a thousand words. 823 exhibitors from 29 countries, over 14,100 trade visitors; the figures for 2019 impressively show the importance of POWTECH for almost all branches of industry, and especially chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metal and food. All the forecasts indicate that value creation in the processing technology segment will carry on growing, so be there in 2022 when the crème de la crème discuss the latest product innovations.
27.09.2022 | Trade fair | 3 days | Nürnberg | Entry: paid
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