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15.11.2021  |  234x
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Globally unique: EFAFLEX presents the world’s fastest security door

The world´s fastest security door

With EFA-SST®-Secure (series EFAPROTECT) EFAFLEX has extended the range of highspeed doors to include a security solution that meets the requirements of Burglar Resistance Class 4 (RC4).
Whether you want to protect valuable art objects in museums, monetary values or safeguard people, the new EFAFLEX high-speed door secures everything that is worth protecting from a potential risk or threat. It is a completely new development engineered by the innovationdriven company. New components have been used to increase the security levels including a new door lath, rollers and a hinge chain. When the door reaches the closing position, it automatically locks, and cannot be opened from the outside even when subjected to extreme force. The EFA-SST®-Secure is capable of withstanding a maximum lever force of 10,000 Newton and is designed for an attack being carried out from outside conducted by experienced perpetrators using extreme brutality.

A door for sophisticated security concepts

The door has a maximum opening speed of 1.0 m/s, and closing at 0.6 m/s. "In securityrelevant areas, the operating speed of the door plays a vital role, where every second counts", says Project Manager Klaus Manlig. "With these high speeds combined with the trademark EFAFLEX quality engineering that the new door achieves, it is ideal for use in these sensitive zones". EFA-SST®-Secure is designed for approximately 250,000 operating cycles per year. The security door is manufactured to within a millimetre to match customer’s specifications and is extremely quiet, reliable and operates almost wear-free. Klaus Manlig emphasizes another advantage of the door: "The EFA-SST®-Secure can be used to meet the strictest requirements of security concepts such as the resistance class WK4: a unique benefit that is only available from EFAFLEX. We are delighted to be able to offer an exclusive high-speed door with this level of certification which has taken a period of almost three years to research, refine and develop”.

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