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09.10.2014  |  4753x
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Stronger doors for a more flexible machine guard

Securyfence simplifies exchanging mesh panels and doors

Qimarox has extended the Securyfence safety fencing system with a new line of hinged and sliding doors. The new doors are always supplied pre-assembled and are not only stronger and more robust than in the previous line, but also increase the flexibility of the system. Because they have the same dimensions as the standard Securyfence mesh panels, it is now even easier to install a door.

The new hinged and sliding doors in the Securyfence range are available with a width of 730 and 990 millimetres, the dimensions in which the standard mesh panels are available. This means that companies that are already using Securyfence for safety fencing can replace a mesh panel with a door in a matter of minutes, all the more since doors are always supplied fully assembled. Posts no longer need to be moved, so it’s easier than ever to change access to a machine.

An additional advantage is that the new doors can be used as both hinged and sliding doors. All you need to do to change a revolving door into a sliding door (and vice versa) is to use a different mounting kit. In other words, companies that want to install a sliding door because they no longer have room for a hinged door due to changes in production, no longer have to buy a whole new door.

Easier opening and closing

The new doors are stronger and more robust than previously due to a change in construction. Moreover, installing a different type of handle has made them easier to open and close. A special emergency button makes it possible to exit the shielded enclosure quickly in urgent situations when the door is locked.

In the near future, the new range of hinged and sliding doors will be extended with other formats. We are also working on an automatic version of the sliding door that is driven by a pneumatic or electric motor. The Securyfence safety fencing system has previously also been extended with a reinforced post that results in even stronger machine guard structures.

Profiled mesh panels

Securyfence is a product of Qimarox, manufacturer of components for material handling systems. A distinctive feature of the Securyfence safety fencing system is the profile of the mesh panels, which provides extra stiffness and therefore greater safety.

Securyfence is surprisingly easy to install, partly due to the profiling. The mesh panels are namely fixed to the vertical posts with horizontal pipes, which can be threaded through the mesh of the mesh panels. The ends of the tubes are then fitted to the posts using bolts.

Easy and quick to customise

Thanks to their simple but effective design, the Securyfence safety fencing systems are not only strong but also flexible and quick to customise. All the installers need to do is cut and/or saw the mesh panels and tubes to size.

The Securyfence safety fencing system fully complies with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive and is therefore ideal as machine guard, machine safety fencing or area guard.

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