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Product description
31.01.2022  |  1705x
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FILLstar Hybrid Bag Filling System

Innovative hybrid SYMACH bagging machine

SYMACH features an innovative hybrid bagging machine for open-mouth and tubular film bags that combines a tubular FFS and an open-mouth bagging system.
Maximizing flexibility, SYMACH designed a hybrid bag filling system in their FILLstar bag filling product line. The hybrid FILLstar handles both premade open-mouth bags and tubular FFS bags.

Market demands change rapidly and require a higher degree of flexibility in automation. Therefore, versatility is at the core of the FILLstar bag filling system design. SYMACH recognized the value of versatile systems that allow you to reply to changing customer demands.
Whether your customers request heavy-duty tubular bags or premade open-mouth bags is not an issue anymore. A dedicated open-mouth bag filling system that fits today’s requirements can also be upgraded to a hybrid system.

Multiple SYMACH hybrid systems are operational at customers in the fertilizer and potato flake industries. We made no concessions to the flexibility for open-mouth bag types and materials. Configuring the modular FILLstar system can include any closing system needed to optimize flexibility.

The unwind system design for the tubular reel makes changing reels easy and includes an easy-threading system to position the new tubular film. Changing reels can be done in a few minutes.
The hybrid bag filling system is a logical extension of the FILLstar bag filling product line. Contact us for more information.

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