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Product description
26.10.2021  |  2378x
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Damping cushions made of stainless steel

Vibration dampers made of metal offer many advantages - their durability, freedom from maintenance, resistance to non-pH neutral substances as well as high temperatures.
Our main-product, the damping cushion made of stainless steel is knitted and pressed in a special process. Depending on size, density and design it can be loaded in a range between 5 and 20.000 kg. It can be pressed e.g. in conical or rectangular shape. Versions with bunches and steps are available, also. Standard materials are 1.4301 and 1.4404. Additional materials and special designs are on demand.

RG+ offers the following damping cushions as standard elements:
  • GKK as a vibration damper in conical form
  • GKR as a vibration damper in rectangular form
  • GKB as a vibration damper with a bunch

Company information

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Trade show FMB – the supplier show
In 2021, the FMB – the supplier show for mechanical engineering will be supplemented by a new core theme: surface technology. In doing so, the trade fair will provide an even fuller picture of the spectrum offered by the supply industry. This concerns both the “hardware” of mechanical engineering as well as services, which are likewise gaining in significance at the FMB to an ever-increasing extent. Christian Enßle, Head of Cluster FMB: “Every mechanical engineering company makes use of surface technology in one form or another, for instance, to protect machine components from corrosion or for the application of functional coatings. For this reason, it is only logical that we give this field the attention it deserves in line with its actual significance in the supply industry.” This step is all the more logical since surface technology has always been represented at the FMB. Companies that have been exhibiting for many years present, for example, plant and equipment for painting and powder coating as well as consumable materials and peripheral equipment such as dosing, filtration and air exhaust systems. An even higher number of companies offering services such as varnishing and painting, powder coating, pre-treatments, cleaning, galvanising, zinc plating and other surface technology processes – many of which are based in East Westphalia-Lippe (OWL) – will be present at the show. These exhibitors – of which there are currently more than thirty – will now be provided with an improved platform to showcase their performance capability. Christian Enßle: “We assume that this will enable us to attract further specialists in the field of surface technology as exhibitors. This dovetails perfectly with the customers of many subcontractors in the field of coatings and plant manufacturers. For this reason, surface technology will also be the key topic of the programme of lectures on day one of the show.” The special concept of the trade show scores points with first-time exhibitors, providing them with the opportunity to book a complete package including furniture, catering and marketing services. Therefore, all they need to bring with them are their exhibits and information leaflets. This is a real benefit particularly for smaller companies with more limited marketing resources.
10.11.2021 | Trade show | 3 days | Bad Salzuflen | Entry: Free (after registration)
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