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Press release
23.11.2022  |  1545x
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Solids, Pumps & Valves and Recycling for a consistent circular economy

On 29 and 30 March 2023, Messe Dortmund will once again be dedicated to solids handling, pumps & valves and recycling.
After their debut as a third event, the Solids, Recycling Technology and Pumps & Valves trade fairs will once again show the way to a more sustainable future next spring. Visitors and exhibitors alike will benefit from the synergies of the three trade fairs, especially in the areas of mechanical recycling, sorting and digitalisation.

”Against the backdrop of increasing raw material scarcity, greater environmental impact and rising energy costs, the pressure on industries remains high. The call for sustainable, more recycling-oriented and energy-efficient products is getting louder and companies are challenged to quickly lay the foundations for this,” says Anna Lena Sandmann, Head of Events Solids, Recycling Technology and Pumps & Valves Dortmund from organiser Easyfairs Deutschland GmbH, explaining the current situation in the industries. In addition to sustainable product design and energy-saving processes, recycling plays an important role. Decision-makers are looking for new possibilities and the need for information is correspondingly great.

On 29 and 30 March 2023, renowned companies will meet for this purpose at Solids, Recycling Technology and Pumps & Valves in Dortmund and show the latest innovations and process engineering solutions for a consistent and sustainable recycling economy. More than two thirds of the exhibition space has already been booked and numerous renowned companies from the sectors have made firm bookings. Among others, Atlas Copco Power Technique GmbH, Siemens AG and Vautid GmbH as well as first-time exhibitors such as Karl Schmidt Spedition GmbH & Co. KG.

Process technology plays a major role in recycling

The simultaneous appearance of the three trade fairs benefits the visitors. For they are united by a common denominator, the handling of granulates, powders, bulk materials and liquids. This is also confirmed by Paulo Faria, Shift Foreman at Evonik AG: ”As a company, we have benefited particularly from the synergies of the trade fair trio. At Solids, Recycling Technology and Pumps & Valves in Dortmund, we gained a comprehensive overview of the market, discovered new solutions and found suppliers for further cooperation.”

Especially in mechanical recycling, one of the most important keys to sustainable, recyclable products, numerous stages of process technology are used. About 50 per cent of all collected plastic waste is already processed into secondary raw materials and returned to the economic cycle in this form. For this purpose, they go through various mechanical processes, are sorted, separated, cleaned and shredded.
Purity of type is the top priority here, because it increases the quality of the recyclates obtained. And this is precisely where there is still potential. Trade visitors therefore appreciate the fact that they can find all specialist areas under one roof in Dortmund. Here they can get answers to all relevant topics, from the processing of raw materials to reprocessing and their return to the cycle.

”The representatives of bulk solids, process and process engineering thus have a responsible task. They can be a driving force on the way to more sustainability,” Anna Lena Sandmann is certain. After all, if the pouring, pumping and recycling processes are well thought out, important foundations are laid for a consistent circular economy.

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