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Press release
11.10.2021  |  148x
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Poeth ZHM sieving machine with self cleaning sifter

Due high-frequency vibration of the screen deck, the screen is self cleaning. Other benefits: Screen change within 30 sec; High screening efficiency.

Poeth ZHM

The principle of the Poeth ZHM sieving machine is based on high-frequency vibration movements. This is possible because only the screen deck is vibrated and not the entire machine. Only the necessary mass inertia (screen deck) is vibrated.

Sieve efficiency

Because the screen deck is set in a high-frequency vibration, it is possible to achieve a much higher screening efficiency in comparison with conventional vibrating or protective screening machines.

Vibrations on building / steel construction nil

Because the mass that is set into vibration is very small, the vibrations that are transferred to the steel construction and/or building are virtually nil.
Thus, no heavy support with great rigidity is required.

Sieve change in < 30 sec
The flexible screen deck is automatically tensioned and can be changed in less than 30 seconds.

Self cleaning / automatic cleaning

The unique thing about this system is that, after “x” operating hours, the screen deck can be automatically tensioned and relaxed. It is, as it were, an elastic that is tightened, and causes a greater amplitude when tensioning / relaxing. Wedge-shaped flakes, which have become stuck in the screen deck, are fired from the deck (launched as it were). This means that silting of the deck is virtually impossible.

Applications / Industries

  • Recycling (e.g. plastic recycling); Shredded plastic is sorted by Color and NIR sortors, among others. However, the quality of sorting is greatly improved if the fines are sieved prematurely. Because the machine cleans itself, it is ideally suited for this application.
  • Pet food; The consumer uses the smallest possible share of grit in a bag of dog or cat kibble. The ZHM machine is therefore placed just in front of the packaging machine. Simple and quick screen deck change is often necessary here.
  • Grains and other organic raw materials; Many raw materials are ground. In order not to burden the mill unnecessarily with fine particles present in the raw material, these are sieved before the mill. This achieves maximum capacity with the mill

Test machine

Do you want to test capacity and functionality? A complete test set-up is available for this question, in which the practical situation will be approached as much as possible. This provides certainty that the realized solution will ultimately deliver the desired end result.

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