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Latest update: 24.03.2023
Lutze Fördertechnik GmbH
TEL: +49 55 61 79 30 0
FAX: +49 55 61 79 30 349
Hullerser Landstraße 37
D-37574   Einbeck
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With more than 45 strategically-located offices in Europe, Lutze Fördertechnik, Lutze Conveying and Kunststofftechnik offers its industrial partners an extensive service and product offering. All conveyor components for conveyor belt systems such as belts, rollers, drive and turn pulleys, scrapers and waterproofing systems and wear protection components for all heavily used parts are included in the program. If necessary, solutions are manufactured individually for customers and all accessories are supplied.

Innovations in the material conveyance sector include highly sophisticated solutions for wear protection, sound insulation and dust emission. In the search for new solutions, hypothetical problems from practical situations in which caking or wear play a large role are thoroughly analyzed. Together with the clients, new technological possibilities which lead to sustainable improvements are developed. They help to achieve measurably improved durability and optimized functionality of the plants in multiple application areas.


22 meter ”Lutze Safe Load Systems” in the harbour of Ghent
22 meter ”Lutze Safe Load Systems” in the harbour of Ghent
Lutze Conveying BeLux finished at the end of November a job at a customer in the port of Ghent where we have installed 22 meters of our ”Safe Load Systems” on a belt of 1.000 mm width. We also adapted 3 loading points and we used ceramics on the inside as you can see in the pictures. Great job done by our German and Belgian technicians
13.12.2018  |  2452x  |  Press release  | 
Lutze stays succesful in steelcord belts
Lutze stays succesful in steelcord belts
Lutze BeLux received an order from a Belgian customer for 8 rolls of 310 m steelcord belt. The belt is a 1800 ST 1600 10S/5D with a breaker in the top of the belt. In total 2.480 meters of this heavy duty belt have been ordered. For our Belgian organization this is an important succes and it shows again the strenght of our organization.
06.12.2018  |  1517x  |  Press release  | 
Lutze distributes products of Technicgum Polymers RacloFlex belt cleaners and STAR tracker belt allignment systems
Lutze distributes products of Technicgum Polymers
RacloFlex belt cleaners and STAR tracker belt allignment systems Since this year, Lutze is the official supplier and dealer for RacloFlex belt cleaners and scrapers and STAR tracker© belt alignment systems of Technicgum Polymers. - RacloFlex SW - RacloFlex Z - RacloFlex N - RacloFlex NT - Other models For all technical questions, quotations, prices, brochures, photographs, videos and of course the drawings in both 2D and 3D you can contact our company. Our representatives will be happy to help you.
22.09.2016  |  3127x  |  Press release  | 
Luwispray coating to fight wear
Luwispray coating to fight wear
Our highly elastic coating materials for wear and surface protection ensure that system components, vehicles, mixers, mills, cyclones, etc. last that much longer. PU spray coatings are particularly suitable for wear and tear through sliding abrasion, often in conjunction with a chemical exposure. The required layer thickness is chosen depending on the application and is at least 2 mm. Technical specifications Hardness Shore A 75 ± 5, 90 ± 5 or 96 ± 5 Uses: * Lining of coal, ore and sand bunkers and dust collectors * Corrosion protection for system parts * Silo and tank linings * Screw conveyors and screens * Conveying equipment * Chutes and slides * Pipe linings * Vibratory grinding containers * Mixers and shakers * Pump parts and cyclones Luwispray spray coatings are distinguished by the following: * Highly resistant to wear * Age-resistant * Impact-resistant * Chemical-resistant * Crack-bridging * Permanently elastic * Hydrolysis-resistant *
11.09.2014  |  7412x  |  Product description  | 
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