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Latest update: 19.10.2021
M.I.P. nv
TEL: +32 331 168 66
FAX: +32 331 179 38
Vaart 20
B-2310   Rijkevorsel
+32 33 11 68 66
Mr. Richard Gommers
Account Manager Sales
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M.I.P. is the supplier of sustainable storage systems in composite. M.I.P. provides all-in solutions for storing complex liquids and moisture sensitive solids.

Quality is paramount at M.I.P. Our team guarantees fast delivery and supervises every project from design through engineering to supply and installation. M.I.P. is ISO 9001:2015 and VCA** certified.

As an independent, financially sound family business, we aim to help customers make the right choices for storing their valuable materials. We have the expertise in house for the right selection of tank and silo materials, and understand the needs of your sector to be able to advise about accessories such as for filling, venting, emptying and cleaning. Naturally, we are acquainted with the relevant regulations for the environment, chemical products and explosion protection.

We create bespoke solutions, as well as complete turnkey projects for our customers from planning and design through to final completion and commissioning.

We aim towards continually improving our business and want to be a pleasant, reliable business partner for our customers. M.I.P. devotes attention to the welfare of its employees, the public and the environment.

Your storage systems are in good hands with M.I.P.
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 GRP silos building sector - GRP silo’s for cement, fly ash and chalk
 GRP silos food products - GRP silo’s for rice, sugar, flour, coffee beans, farina, glucose, malt and other dry goods
 GRP salt silos - GRP salt silos an integrated brine installations
 GRP granulate silos - GRP silos for granulated plastics and chips
 GRP agriculture silo - GRP feed silo and GVK silo for chemical manure
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Composite silo for starch with safety measures Rupture discs, stainless steel strips, overpressure valve
Composite silo for starch with safety measures
Rupture discs, stainless steel strips, overpressure valve Another beautiful project, realised by M.I.P. This composite silo has a diameter of Ø 3.000 mm and a capacity of 45 m³. As this silo is intended for the storage of starch, it is equipped with rupture discs and stainless steel strips. In addition, an overpressure valve is mounted on the roof. Roof railing For maintenance and inspection work, the silo is equipped with a ladder leading to the roof, which is accessible and equipped with a roof railing. If you would like information about your own solutions, we are at your disposal.
08.01.2021  |  558x  |  Press release  | 
Silo for brewery in France
Silo for brewery in France
M.I.P. recently delivered a silo in composite for a brewery in the southwest of France. The brewery will use the silo for the storage of malt. The silo has a diameter of 2800 mm and a capacity of 50m³ and is equipped with a filter, a level measurement, explosion panels and weighing cells. No condensation M.I.P. is specialized in the construction of composite silos with high thermal insulation. This makes our silos insensitive to condensation. They are ideal for the storage of raw materials for beer. Moreover, thanks to the high-tech production process, M.I.P. is able to build seamless one-piece silos with extremely smooth internal walls.
18.11.2020  |  258x  |  Press release  | 
M.I.P. delivers to animal candy manufacturer
M.I.P. delivers to animal candy manufacturer
For an animal candy manufacturer in Hoogeveen, M.I.P. was commissioned to produce 3 nutritionally suitable 50m³ - Ø 2,800mm silos for the storage of wheat flour. Due to the nutritional suitability of these 3 11m³ high silos, the customer was prepared for the government to tighten the rules for the storage of products intended for animals in the future. If you are also looking for storage capacity, or if you are in doubt whether it is possible, please contact our specialists. They will be happy to visit you to provide you with advice.
19.08.2020  |  740x  |  Press release  | 
Project Lubrizol
Project Lubrizol
M.I.P. is proud to have delivered 2 composite silos of 92m³ and Ø 2.800mm for Lubrizol Advanced Materials Resin at Chemiepark Delfzijl. The silos have a height of over 22 meter. Multiple conversations took place in advance with the customer to commonly determine what the silos should look like. Now that they have both been placed, equipped with many accessories, they have become 2 splendid industrial silos.
16.06.2020  |  925x  |  Press release  | 
M.I.P. delivers salt silo for Dutch municipality
M.I.P. delivers salt silo for Dutch municipality
Several years ago, the municipality of Zwijndrecht (Holland) had planned to install a spreader salt silo at the municipality of Zwijndrecht. A list of several requirements was presented, because the silo would be in a visible place. M.I.P. Tanks & Silo`s was approached for their knowhow regarding the possibilities for the silo and the wishes of the municipality. After a few brainstorming sessions with the municipality, a plan was finally put on the table, which, with some adjustments, was finally implemented in 2019. Now there is a magnificent structure, in which a spreader salt silo of 140m³ with a diameter of Ø 4,000mm is covered on all sides with expanded metal. This has created an open building, because you can see the horizon and the silo through it. On top of the silo a plateau has been placed, which offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Are you also planning on purchasing a silo or tank, please contact M.I.P. Tanks & Silos. They will then arrange
19.05.2020  |  1033x  |  Press release  | 
Start M.I.P. Mega Solutions M.I.P opens new facility in Moerdijk to produce tanks and silos with larger diameters
Start M.I.P. Mega Solutions
M.I.P opens new facility in Moerdijk to produce tanks and silos with larger diameters Our industrial customers increasingly ask for silos and tanks with a larger diameter. To respond to this growing demand, M.I.P. opens a new facility in Moerdijk (the Netherlands) for the production of composite tanks and silos up to a diameter of 9 meter. Starting from 2018, the facility will be able to produce storage systems up to a diameter of 15 meter and a height of 20 meter. Growing interest in composite Traditionally, tanks and silos are made of steel (stainless or black). However, steel is not suitable for all applications, as agressive liquids cause corrosion and rapid deterioration of the tank. Hygroscopic solids are sensitive to moisture caused by condensation, as steel has a high thermal conductivity. Composite material – a mixture of polyester resin reinforced with glass fibre – is extremely resistant to corrosive chemicals such as acids, bases and chlorides. Furthermore, as composites are thermal isolators, silos suffer much less from condensation
07.07.2017  |  5270x  |  Press release  | 
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