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Latest update: 14.03.2021
HSM GmbH + Co. KG
TEL: +49 7554 2100-0
Austraße 1-9
D-88699   Frickingen
HSM products all have one goal: to deal with waste materials ecologically and economically. HSM baling presses compress packaging waste up to 95% and compact cardboard, plastics and nearly all waste materials into bales which can be easily stacked and transported. With HSM PET solutions, HSM provides professional technologies for durable compression and devaluation of PET bottles.
Baling presses for every application, every material and designed according to every individual demand
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A reliable & safe baler is an efficient solution
A reliable & safe baler is an efficient solution
"TENAX specializes in high-end plastics and services that create customer and corporate value" is the company’s mission statement and vision. TENAX is an International Group and Global Supplier with two manufacturing sites in the US (Maryland & Alabama), a distribution centre in California and 280 employees worldwide. For over 60 years, TENAX has provided specialty products for netting and fencing, pipe protection, construction, agricultural, gardening and DIY applications. The Facts TENAX was looking for a reliable and efficient baler to dispose of extruded fence nets and grids. The new baler would replace their highly inefficient baler which was prone to failures and had expensive repairs looming. They turned to the US subsidiary of the German manufacturer HSM GmbH + Co. KG for the solution to their problem. Established in 1960 in Italy, TENAX has seen steady production growth and continued success in many markets. Today, with production facilities in the US and
14.12.2020  |  227x  |  Product news  |   | 
Recycling plays a crucial role at Sports Direct’s distribution centre
Recycling plays a crucial role at Sports Direct’s distribution centre
Founded in 1982, Sports Direct International PLC is today the UK‘s largest sporting goods retailer, and operates a diversified portfolio of sports, fitness, fashion and lifestyle fascias and brands. Retailer Sports Direct acquired HSM machines at their Shirebrook headquarters to help manage their waste from across 1,000 stores across the UK where it’s arranged and recycled e¬fficiently. Recycling plays a major part within the organisation’s corporate responsibilities. The company’s “strict” recycling standards means all UK stores are monitored closely ensuring there’s no cross contamination between recyclable materials such as wood, cardboard, plastics etc. The Facts The Facility Manager at Sports Direct, Martyn Joyce, has been responsible for the management of waste in the company for more than 14 years. With around 800 to 1,000 tonnes of cardboard collected each month, due care and attention must be enforced at all times, especially with the large volumes
16.11.2020  |  226x  |  Product description  |   | 
Create Sustainable Packaging yourself
Create Sustainable Packaging yourself
Car parts and accessories retail specialist, MotorNuts supplies customers through an extensive online store which has a huge range of quality products from leading brands and suppliers. MotorNuts are a leading retailer of car parts and accessories. Their extensive online store has a huge range of quality products from bulbs to brake pads, wiper blades to wheel nuts. They have built a successful business selling everything for the modern day motorist; from garage essentials such as oils and tools; leisure accessories including all the necessities for camping and caravanning, cycle carriers, roof bars and boxes through to car care, cleaning and valeting products. MotorNuts operate as a family business and are fully supported with their team of experts, who together have over 100 years combined experience of car parts and accessories retailing. During this time they have developed excellent relationships with their product suppliers, which in turn allows them to get the
09.10.2020  |  336x  |  Product news  |   | 
Particularly wide filling opening for easy filling
Particularly wide filling opening for easy filling
The ever-increasing use of plastic and cardboard, as well as the growing mountains of packaging waste, have also increased the demands on recycling. Storage areas need to be used more and more efficiently or are often not available at all. HSM baling presses reduce the volume of recyclable materials by up to 95 % and, with the unmixed bales, produce a secondary raw material, which is reintegrated into the recycling circuit. Positive side effect: the bales have considerable market value when they are above a certain weight. The high compression of the HSM balers saves storage space and reduces the burden on transportation. Another advantage is that less strapping material is required. The HSM V-Press vertical baler models combine the quality requirements of HSM with high profitability. Their performance and longevity make them an economical waste management solution. The HSM V-Press reduces the costs on the usually underestimated "waste disposal" cost centre. An
19.08.2020  |  692x  |  Product news  |   | 
"We will definitely be purchasing the next baling press from HSM"
The family company P.U.H. Kondzłomex Szymon Woźny has been collecting and recycling secondary raw materials such as waste paper and foil for over 20 years. Right from the start they used HSM baling presses. The fully automatic channel baling press installed in 2013 was no longer able to cope with the increasing throughput and a bigger solution was needed. After intensive research they once again struck lucky with HSM and the HSM VK 6015 has now been in service for some time, and with good results, in Jaraczewo in the municipality of Szydłowo, a village in the north-west of Poland. The owner-run company currently has five employees, all of whom are in no doubt about the quality of the German machines. P.U.H. Kondzłomex first came into contact with the baling press manufacturer HSM when it began operating in 1995 and it purchased a second-hand HSM vertical baling press in very good condition. In the years that followed the company continued to grow
14.02.2020  |  1067x  |  Press release  | 
Residual waste becomes recyclable material Hornbach Baumarkt AG is optimising processes within their DIY megastores
Residual waste becomes recyclable material
Hornbach Baumarkt AG is optimising processes within their DIY megastores Heart of the innovative concept: vertical balers from HSM. 330 of the HSM V-Press 860 and HSM V-Press 1160 max balers compact paper, cardboard and film at 180 points of collection – megastores and logistics and administration centres in nine European countries. The investment for the balers is paid off within a very short period. The concept, said Andreas Back, Head of Quality Management, Environment & CSR at Hornbach, has increased the recycling quota dramatically: “A lot of residual waste has become recyclable material.” The objective was a waste management concept that foresaw waste separation and a container registry for more transparency. Additionally, the journeys within the incoming goods areas of the DIY megastores and garden centres were to be optimised so that employees could work more effectively. Disposal of the recyclable material was to become independent of a recycling partner. It quickly became apparent to Andreas Back and his colleagues at the
14.10.2019  |  1268x  |  Product description  |   | 
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