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Latest update: 30.11.2023
Jaudt Dosiertechnik Maschinenfabrik GmbH 
TEL: +49 821 79605 0 
FAX: +49 821 79605 67
Raiffeisenstrasse 3 - 5
D-86167   Augsburg
Mr. Roßkopf
General Manager
JAUDT Dosiertechnik Maschinenfabrik GmbH was established in 1951. The product range has increased dramatically since then. Today, JAUDT supplies Rotary valves, Slide gates, Butterfly valves, Distributor valves, Double shuttle valves and Siloblasters for the bulk materials industry throughout the world. The extensive range of products, quality and reliability prompt a constantly growing number of customers to order a wide variety of equipment for large-scale projects. They appreciate both the quality, adherence to delivery dates and the expertise of JAUDT, which is essential in the project business. Apart from our exceptional quality management, our key know-how and experience includes the manufacture of rotary valves. In addition, JAUDT is the European market leader in equipment for potentially explosive areas.

We manufacture our products exclusively in Augsburg, Germany. Our company is located in the heart of Bavaria, directly on the A8 autobahn. Made in Germany still has a meaning for us. Our high depth of production ranges from our certified welding shop (EN ISO 3834-3 and AD 2000 data sheet HP 0) and our machining production, such as drilling, turning and milling, to CNC machining, painting, assembly and packing. Short channels between the production and office, as well as expertise concentrated at one location allow us to act dynamically on the market. In addition to office buildings, we have a large warehouse with a modern mobile racking system and two lean lifts at our disposal.

The JAUDT SPEED products are another business area. We offer our filter feeders, Vario slide gates, slide valves and butterfly valves as SPEED products in a defined specified version. You can choose between different design features. We can offer a reduced delivery time for this. We will be pleased to advise you about possible SPEED designs.
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 Rotary valves,
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Products, services
 Rotary valves - Vario valves, Filter valves, Blow-through valves, Self cleaning valves, Tangential, Easy Clean, Conveyor valves, Cutter valves, Breaker valves


New  type Jaudt butterfly valve DKZ on PowTech 2022 Jaudt presents their new  type butterfly valve DKZ on the PowTech at stand 4A-225 in hall 4A .
New type Jaudt butterfly valve DKZ on PowTech 2022
Jaudt presents their new type butterfly valve DKZ on the PowTech at stand 4A-225 in hall 4A . The butterfly valve is pressure-tight in the passage and to the outsidepressure up to 1 barg. In addition, it can be installed in hazardous areas of dust EX II 1D/2D and outside gas EX II 1D/2G. Due to the FDA-compliant silicone sealing ring and the stainless steel sealing plate variant, the butterfly valve is also used in the food sector.
19.09.2022  |  1646x  |  Press release  | 
Jaudt pneumatic cylinder TT an HT
Jaudt pneumatic cylinder TT an HT
Our JAUDT standard cylinders DN 80 bis DN 400 have been extended by the TT -60°C and HT +180°C series and can now be used for our slide gate FS140 and FS100 ECO and Vario-slide gate FSV after successful TÜV-Süd functional testing.
16.09.2022  |  1430x  |  Product news  | 
JAUDT filter rotary valve
with ExZü certificate Our rotary valve ZS Filter ø 250 /250x250 construction height300 mm has passed the type examination test with a max. explosion pressure of about 1 bar in the conveying direction and against the conveying direction.
21.04.2005  |  6994x  |  Product news
JAUDT double shuttle valve
technical revised We revised the double shuttle valve completely. We changed the drive from spring system in a system with cam plate, taking into account that in case of failure (great clumps could be shut) the double shuttle valve could not be destroyed during failure. The system works as well during closing mechanism as opening mechanism. Two casing halves became one compact casing. Two great inspection holes make the service easier and allow to change the flap disk during fitted situation. Transducer signalise the proper operation and show the function of the overload relay. This changing of design guarantees a higher operation reliability and a quicker maintenance. Additional to the technical benefits the customer has also a commercial benefit, a better price-performance ratio.
21.04.2005  |  11793x  |  Product news
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