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PFC decontamination of firefighting foams

PFC problem in fire-fighting foams and the amended EU ban.

Help with the conception and plant decontamination promises an experienced specialist company with much experience in this subject.
If one enters the search term "PFC contamination" in a search engine, it quickly becomes clear to the observer that this is a serious issue.

The headlines are piling up "Vegetables from Mittelbaden this year are contaminated with too much harmful PFC. This is the conclusion of the Agricultural Technology Center Augustenberg.

The sins of the past Friedberger Ach: Bund Naturschutz demands the removal of PFCs in the and at the watercourse

The Züricher Allgemeine reports on PFC "The eternal poison".
Spektrum reports: Environmental poisons for eternity / Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl compounds are practically indestructible. As a result, they are becoming an ever greater problem. Also in Germany.

In individual communities and regions in Germany, significantly increased PFC contamination has been detected. The population is alarmed and demands quick solutions from the legislator.

Status quo

PFOA and its precursors may not be manufactured or marketed in the EU after July 4, 2020. manufactured or placed on the market in the EU. Mixtures or articles may not contain more than may not contain more than 25ppb (=μg/kg) of PFOA or a total of more than 1000ppb11 (=1ppm=1mg/kg) of all precursors.

However, there are exceptions for foam extinguishing agents: Foam extinguishing agents that were already on the market before July 4, 2020, may -if the above-mentioned above-mentioned limit values - may only continue to be used until January 1, 2023. Training courses are generally excluded, as are tests, unless complete containment is guaranteed.

Use after Jan. 1, 2023, until July 4, 2025, is only allowed "for firefighting foam for the Fighting vapors from liquid fuels and fires from liquid fuels.
(Class B fires) that is already filled into systems, both mobile and stationary" possible if complete containment is ensured at the point of use.

But what does this mean for plant operators who use surfactants containing PFCs as extinguishing foam agents? As extinguishing foam agents?

Can the plant operator, i.e. the operator of a foam agent extinguishing system, not ensure 100 percent containment, the principle of concern applies and the old foam agent must be replaced.
The old foam concentrate must be replaced. The exchange to a PFC-free
PFC-free foam concentrate is not so easy to implement, however, as the limit values for PFOA a PFC order are currently 25ug/kg. However, 25ug/kg is neither detectable by smell, taste or other sensory means detectable. Only in a specialized laboratory is the quantification is possible.

Excerpt Nature:

PFASs have been accumulating in environments and organisms worldwide for decades. Studies have measurable concentrations of the substances in the blood serum of the Inuit communities in the Greenlandic Arctic, in the breast milk of Norwegian and German mothers, and in the blood of the entire European population. European population. At the same time, knowledge is growing about the possible health consequences of this exposure.

PFC responsible for Corona vaccine immune response?

Is Corona vaccine damage specifically due to to increased PFC exposure? Scientists do not see any danger in this regard - testing in a study which is to which is supposed to clarify or prove this connection. Could perfluorinated compounds such as PFOA or PFOS impair or even weaken the antibody response to a vaccination against Corona?
impair or even weaken the antibody response. Put more simply: Would the vaccination possibly even be ineffective?

Excerpt from the Federal Environment Agency

Epidemiological studies on PFOS and PFOA suggest that these substances may cause a reduced antibody response to vaccination. Some of the studies suggest, that elevated serum levels of PFOS and PFOA are associated with an increased propensity to are. There is also strong evidence of an association between exposure to PFOS, PFOA, and PFNA (perfluoronan carboxylate) and elevated serum levels of cholesterol. Further epidemiological studies indicate that there may be a causal relationship between PFOS and/or PFOA exposure and decreased birth weight.

All of these findings are supported by data from animal studies. In animal studies, epidemiological studies show only insufficient evidence for associations between evidence of associations between exposure to PFCs and neurological development, thyroid function
development, thyroid function, or increased cancer risk (IARC: limited evidence, EFSA: no evidence) (IARC, 2016; EFSA, 2020).

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