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18.10.2021 - 22.10.2021
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Type: Course
Duration: 5 days
Starts: 18.10.2021
Ends: 22.10.2021
Place: on-line

Entry: paid

Overview of Particulate Handling Technology


Overview: This is an intensive course designed to introduce the technology of storing and handling bulk materials. It also covers the problems that can result from incorrect equipment selection, and looks at appropriate design methodologies for safe and reliable plant.

Subjects covered:

  • Sampling
  • Characterisation of Bulk Solids
  • Storage Equipment
  • Discharge Aids
  • Product Feeders
  • Segregation of Bulk Materials
  • Degradation of Bulk Materials
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Caking of Bulk Materials
  • Dust Control

Course fee: £675

Venue: on-line,14:00 - 17:00 hrs each day UK time

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