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Latest update: 31.08.2022
TEL: +493065942446
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Hirseländerweg 51
12559   Berlijn
TEL: +31 342 415 551
Foeth Deutschland
Franz-Ehrlich-Straße 12
D-12489   Berlin
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A. Foeth B.V. has been active in the purchase and sale of used process equipment in Europe since 1908.

Today we are the largest dealer in Europe with more than 4000 items in stock at our premises in Barneveld, 60 kilometer South East of Amsterdam and Schiphol.

We serve the (specialty) chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries in Europe and beyond with our premium quality used and refurbished A brand process machinery.

Our promises you can rely on

  • Europe’s largest stock of 2,800+ high quality process equipment to choose from.
  • Our consultants are at your disposal and help you find the most suitable machine for your process.
  • We test the machines mechanically before shipment or transport.
  • We ship worldwide.
  • We are always available for further support with purchased machines.
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Revising a Z-blade Mixer to a working machine
Ready for production This August, Foeth received a Z-blade mixer. This AMK-Aachen-VIU-450 was completely overhauled in our workshop, where our craftsmen did an outstanding job to get this machine up and running. When the machine arrived, the scraps of the used glue-like hot melt substance were still there. How did the craftsmen proceed during the overhauling process? The Z-blade mixer was completely filled with a glue-like substance. The previous owner decided to take the machine out of production, without cleaning it first. The hardened substance was impossible to remove by hand. This is why we joined forces with a specialized industrial cleaning company who helped us to get the substance off the Z-blade mixer. Our craftsmen completely dismantled the Z-blade mixer, so the machine parts could go into a heated oven for several hours in order to remove all the substance. After all the substance was burned to ashes, Foeth's craftsmen were able to clean the parts completely. We sprayed all
10.10.2019  |  1030x  |  Press release
Foeth’s brand new conical mixers sold to Brazil & Africa
Foeth’s brand new conical mixers sold to Brazil & Africa
One of our Brazilian customers - active in production of beverages and tea - and a food production company from South-Central Africa recently purchased Foeth’s new conical nauta mixers for expansion of their food production capacity. Since 2019, Foeth expanded its scope for its new conical nauta mixers. The assortment now covers sizes from 50 to 5.000 liters. Also, the specifications of the standard models have been upgraded to full stainless steel. The conical mixers have obtained new attractive pricing, which is proven successful with the recent deliveries to customers in South America, Africa and the rest of the world. Our new conical nauta mixers demand little floor space and can mix intensely through the conical shape. The mixer provides accurate mixing results in a relatively short period of time. Our small conical nauta mixer the Foeth HV-50 is typically used by our customers for product development and product testing purposes. Our larger editions the Foeth
19.09.2019  |  1232x  |  Press release  | 
Foeth sponsors Feed Additives Europe 2019
Foeth sponsors Feed Additives Europe 2019
Foeth staff will be present at Feed Additives Europe 2019 in Amsterdam from the 25th to 27th of September. Feed Additives Europe 2019 is the essential speciality event for animal feed ingredients and additives. The event will be hosted by Feedinfo at the Park Inn by Radisson in Amsterdam. The conference will bring together leaders from the producers and buyers of feed additives for networking and learning. Foeth has chosen to sponsor the event as the feed additives market in Western Europe and beyond is experiencing steep growth. Foeth, with its large inventory of ready to be deployed stainless steel process machines such as mixers, dryers and feeders, is ready to help the sector realize these steeps growth projections worldwide. At the event, 60 expert speakers will offer business-critical information and insights for the hundreds of expected visitors. Are you planning on attending this event as well? We hope to see you there.
10.09.2019  |  1158x  |  Press release  | 
Foeth attended Chemspec Europe 2019; will be exhibitor 2020
Foeth attended Chemspec Europe 2019; will be exhibitor 2020
Last summer (on the 26th and 27th of June), Foeth attended the 34th edition of Chemspec Europe 2019, a fine and specialty chemicals exhibition in Basel, Switzerland. Erik Saat, Director of Foeth said: “We met a lot of our appreciated clients in Basel, present with an exhibition stand. With 30 prospects from Germany, India, Central and Eastern Europe, we discussed the potential for our pre-owned process equipment. These prospective customers were interested to learn about our large inventory of readily available machines at attractive prices. And our machines are even ready to be deployed. In 2020, Chemspec will be organised in Cologne, Germany. As an exhibitor on this exhibition, Foeth will be able to present its team, pre-owned machines and its added value to the global fine and specialty chemicals branch.” For customers who don’t want to wait until 2020: visit our website for inspiration. We’re more than happy to assist you on the website through our website chat.
29.08.2019  |  915x  |  Press release  | 
117 New Machines in Stock for the Chemical Industry
117 New Machines in Stock for the Chemical Industry
In April 2019, Foeth received 117 process machines in stock. The new high-quality arrivals have been used in the Amsterdam harbour-area. Our partner ‘Beelen Sloopwerken’ was hired to demolish a former factory that produced pesticides for many years. Beelen Sloopwerken - known for their vision concerning sustainability - asked Foeth to dismantle the machinery and its systems. As preferred, this recycling by Beelen Sloopwerken has requested Foeth to prepare the equipment for direct re-use in its entirety within the chemical industry. This, by cleaning or even revising the equipment for further purpose. Foeth considers these new arrivals as a great asset for their 4.000 pieces collection. The new equipment is available for immediate deployment at your location. Do you want to know the type of machinery we are offering? Maybe something fits your machinery perfectly. Please contact us.
23.08.2019  |  1117x  |  Press release  | 
Foeth presents new website
Foeth is constantly evolving and growing. Foeth continues to grow their inventory of quality used process equipment, but also continues to evolve as a company. This development has resulted in a new design for Foeth, which has now been implemented on their website. Visit the website to see the new design.
16.10.2018  |  4702x  |  Press release
A. Foeth B.V. looks back on a succesful ACHEMA 2018
A. Foeth B.V. looks back on a succesful ACHEMA 2018
ACHEMA 2018 took place in Frankfurt, Germany from the 11th till the 15th of June. ACHEMA is the leading trade fair of the process industry. As the largest dealer of used process equipment in Europe, A. Foeth B.V. had a presence at ACHEMA. A. Foeth looks back on a successful exhibition. ”Our presence at ACHEMA has given us many interesting opportunities and insights.” says Erik Saat, Managing Director of A. Foeth. ”It was a perfect opportunity to speak to our relations and to gain a lot of new relationships. Everyone had some sort of presence at ACHEMA and many of the people you speak are also the people who make the decisions.” At ACHEMA, A. Foeth not only talked to customers, but also had many conversations with process equipment manufacturers. ”A nice side effect of ACHEMA is the ability to strengthen our relationship with the well-known brands in the process industry. As a supplier and reseller of used process equipment, we have a special relationship
20.06.2018  |  2933x  |  Press release  | 
Visit A. Foeth B.V. at ACHEMA 2018
Let us help you find used process equipment of the highest quality ACHEMA is the world forum and leading show for the process industry. ACHEMA 2018 takes place from the 11th to the 15th of June in Frankfurt, Germany. As the leading dealer in the quality segment of used process equipment in Europe, Foeth will have its own stand at ACHEMA 2018 and we gladly invite you to come and visit us in Hall 5.1 at stand D40. Let us help you find used process equipment of the highest quality that best suits your process. We have over 4.000 items readily available from our stock. Likewise, we are always interested in the purchase of well-preserved, used machinery, equipment and complete systems that are no longer needed in your production plant. We are happy to arrange a meeting with you on our stand or at another convenient location at ACHEMA 2018. To make an appointment or for more information feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to seeing you at our stand D40 in Hall 5.1!
31.05.2018  |  2837x  |  Press release
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